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  • How to locate the farm?
    The best and simplest way to locate our farm is by typing "Cretan Olive Oil Farm" on GOOGLE MAPS. Sometimes Apple Maps has the wrong location. We are working on fixing this issue.
  • When are you open for visits?
    We are open for visits from the 1st of April and usually close on the 31st of October. For more info click on the link below:
  • What are your opening times?
    We constantly update our opening hours during the summer season both on our website and on google.
  • Do we have to pay an entrance fee to visit your farm?
    Visiting our olive oil press/museum areas requires a small entrance fee. If you are only looking to sample our products, our tasting room has a free entrance with free tasting.
  • Is booking required for participating in one of your cultural activities?
    All of our activities require a booking at least 12 hours ahead of time. We also have limited seating so it would be best not to wait for the last moment. Simple visits do not require a booking. Book your seats here:
  • How and when can I book to participate in a cultural activity?
    For organising reasons you can book online at most 30 days before any event. Remember a simple visit does not require a booking. You can easily book following the link below:
  • Can I book a private activity?
    If our schedule does not meet yours or you simply wish to have a private activity you can send us an email at to create your custom experience at our farm. Prices per person vary from semi-private activities. Email:
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