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Pottery on the wheel is a relaxing and creative art. The first archaeological discoveries in Crete date back to 7000 BC. The Minoans still have a great influence on the objects made by today’s professional potters of our island

We can guide you and your hands into making your first ceramic pot. A single lesson will give you great insight into how the wheel works and how the clay takes form. At the end, you will be able to take the pot you made home with you

We offer three different types of workshops for all ages and levels

For all ages and with all languages welcome, we offer you the chance to make a small pot with the help of our potter

Every pot is made in 10 minutes and the price is 7€

For ages 10 and above (in English or Greek) we provide a comprehensive lesson which is perfect for beginners or even intermediate throwers learning the basics and beyond, as well as making at least one pot to take home. 

The duration of the workshop lasts 60 minutes and the price is 25€

The price is per person with the workshop having 4 spaces which remain open unless a private lesson is organised by contacting us

For ages 12 and above (in English or Greek) we provide a 2 hour "Airbnb experience" for beginners or even intermediate throwers starting with the basics and trying to make three basic shapes. A bowl, a cup and a plate.

The duration is 120 minutes and the price is 45€ per person

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We are also offering

  • Bisque firing -within 5 days*-

  • Glazing -within 7 days**-

  • Shipping the pots directly to your home once they are ready



*Firing requires at least 48 hours of drying the pots and 24 hours in the kiln

**Glazing requires the initial (bisque) firing and yet another firing for the glaze. Pots are then suitable for everyday use (tableware) 

You can also take your pots home unbaked by allowing a full day of sun drying. The times vary depending on the weather conditions.

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